January 2013
 Street style por Urban Closet.

October 2012
 Trendtation blog Cómo combinar el terciopelo.

September 2012
Street style by Ramiro E.  

August 2012
 Interview for Fringe Indie Magazine.

February 2012
 The winner of the week in Style Piques!

Article for the magazine Desborde Spain.

January 2012
Street style en el ASVOFF por Lookremix.

July 2011
Telva take me this photo in the first day of 080!

November 2010
La Percha Azul make me this Strees Style in Barcelona! I'm the first!

Octubre 2010
My first Trendtation cover! So happy!

Interview by Fob by Frob.Thank you very much.

 September 2010
EscaparateModa took me this picture outside Ifema in Cibeles Fashion Week.