Art in TATE

El arte es aquella practica productiva universal, trascendente, capaz d’expresar significados sin concepto por medio de unas obras coherentes y de importancia (coherente ha fin de que aparezcan y de importancia ya que le aportan un valor especial y no económico, sino de otro tipo).

Art is that productive practice universal, transcendent, capable to express meanings without concept through a coherent and important work (coherent has to appear and be important because we provide a special and non-economic value, but another type).

4 comentarios:

  1. very true, it's very expressive.
    Love these pieces you've showcased here the one with the long necked lady is beautiful.


  2. I love art darling I think appreciating art is a way of life it really is……….at times it’s difficult to understand the message but at the same time art is personal it’s something that appears different to every single individual so that’s awesome!!!♥

    Amazing Post♥………..

  3. y ahora me han dado ganas de ir a un museo, que hace muuuucho que no voy...